A contingent of 22 Aussies travelled to Mauritius to take part in the first
Indo Pacific Cup Seminar and Championships from the 12th to the 17th of September. 11 Nations took part in this prestigious event including Mauritius,Madagascar, Rodrigues Island, Reunion, South Africa, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Kuwait and Australia.

The Australian team trained with unwavering spirit, dedication and tenacity over the three gruelling days of seminars, which was followed by National Team Training in the evenings.

17 JKA Australia National team members took part in the Championships and performed exceptionally well. 11 Aussies placed in the top three in their individual sections, including 1 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze medals (and a few 4th places).

A special congratulations to our Junior medallists:


Madison Dewhurst - Silver Medal, Girls Kata 13 years old  

Rosey Cameron - Silver Medal, Girls Kata 19-21 years old

Emielia Jansen - Bronze Medal, Girls Kata 19-21 years old  


Matilda Dewhurst - Silver Medal, Girls Kumite 11 years old

Madison Dewhurst - Silver Medal, Girls Kumite 13 Years old

Rosey Cameron - Bronze Medal, Girls Kumite 19-21 years old

Emielia Jansen - Bronze Medal, Girls Kumite 19-21 years old

A special congratulations to our Senior and Veteran medallists:

Kumite 40-49 Years old

Andrew Jansen - Bronze Medal

Kata 60+ Years old

Edji Zennel - Gold Medal  

Leon Neethling - Silver Medal

Kumite 60+ Years old

Joseph Templin - Silver Medal

A special mention to Allison Kenny, Lisa Cameron and Anne van den Berg who on very short notice assisted on the floor with coaching over the two days of competition.

A number of JKA Australia members were also successful in the Licence Examination including:

Karin Prinsloo passed Judge A

Edji Zennel passed Instructor B

Priscilla Garvey passed Judge C, Instructor C, Examiner C and her Godan examination.

Leon Neethling passed Judge C, Instructor C

A big thank you to the Australian Judges: Jeff Krug, Karin Prinsloo, Edji Zennel, Leon Neethling and Priscilla Garvey Senseis for your hard work.

It was fantastic to have our JKA-SKC Australasia Chief Instructor, Keith Geyer Shihan and his wife Debbie, in attendance as VIPs together with H.E. Prithvirajsing Roopun, GCSK (President of Mauritius) and H.E. Mr. Suichiro Kawagushi (Ambassador of Japan) and a number of other dignitaries for the event.

Lastly, I would like to thank and congratulate Dr Didier Samfat, Elizabeth Venpin and the JKA Mauritius organising committee for their hospitality and hosting a fantastic and most enjoyable event!

Thank you again to all who attended. We had overwhelmingly positive feedback highlighting the quality of instruction and valuable knowledge gained. We look forward to next time!

Lutie van den Berg Sensei
National Coach, JKA Australia

Lutie van den Be