JKA-SKC Australasia is proud to be hosting JKA Vice Chief Instructor Ogura Yasunori Shihan and JKA Headquarters Instructors Naka Tatsuya Sensei and Okuma Koichiro Sensei, at our annual seminar in June.

The seminar training will be suitable for all karate-ka who have a working knowledge of the Heian Katas. Fundamental techniques, kata and kumite ideas will be covered during the sessions.

It's an incredible opportunity not to be missed! If you wish to have more information please contact us below.

JKA-SKC is honoured to host annual seminars featuring some of JKA's most senior instructors including Vice Chief Instructors Ogura Yasunori Shihan and Imamura Tomio Shihan.

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Stan Schmidt Shihan 1936 – 2019

"Karate, a fighting art.
With hands and feet, we do take part.
To move ahead, on this road to gain,
The password friend, is
Train man, train!"

JKA SKC Seminar Training, Elwood Jetty, Melbourne