The JKA-SKC is an organization of like-minded instructors who all have a long history with the Japan Karate Association. They formed JKA-SKC in order to foster, administer and generally advance the art of traditional JKA Shotokan karate, which is the style originally pioneered by the Okinawan Master Gichin Funakoshi and further developed in Japan by Master Masatoshi Nakayama.
The objectives we set for our instructors are to educate, motivate, guide and honour their students and to promote strict adherence to the ethics on which karate is based. Our instructors strive to constantly inspire their students and to encourage their regular participation in special courses, gasshukus, seminars, kyu and dan gradings, and in the competitions that are held for both adults and children.

Japan Karate Association

Shotokan JKA

The world’s foremost authority on karate

With a vast membership in over 100 countries, the JKA is the world’s largest and most prestigious karate organization, clearly
defining itself as ‘The keeper of karate’s highest tradition.’

The JKA was founded in May, 1949. By 1955, the first headquarters dojo had been built at Yotsuya in
Tokyo and a year later the JKA set up the first-ever karate specialist instructor intern (kenshusei)
training program at the headquarters dojo, and accepted its first round of trainees. This was the
start of the finest karate instructor training program ever created, a program never matched or even
approached by any other karate organization. It is through this program that the JKA has built up its
unique cadre of distinguished karate instructors. Through continuous contribution and its
commitment to society, the JKA was recognised in 2012 by the government of Japan as KOEKI
SHADAN HOJIN (public interest incorporated association) the only Japanese martial arts associations
to date to be given such recognition by its government.

The mandate of the JKA is to contribute to world peace through:

  1. Conducting research and providing instruction of Karate-Do.
  2. Influencing children and adolescents to improve their physical and mental health as well
    as cultivating the spirit of martial arts.
  3. Wide distribution of the concept of Japanese martial art which emphasizes manners and

With vigor, the JKA continues to promote true karate around the world.


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