Melbourne – Elsternwick


Name of Dojo Keith Geyer Karate Dojo

Instructor Keith Geyer

Rank Nanadan (7th)

Address of Dojo 1 Beavis street, Elsternwick

Mobile 0407 886 764

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FAVOURITE QUOTE “Train with desire, discipline, dedication and determination.”


The Keith Geyer Karate Dojo is the Honbu (Headquarters) of the JKA-SKC Australasia Association and was established in 2001.
It is a vibrant dojo where Shotokan karate is taught to both children and adults in a
friendly and enjoyable environment through disciplined training and skilled instruction.
We have a very strong base of dan grades with more than 20 of them holding the rank of sandan (3rd dan) and above.
Our dojo is home to many black belts from all over the world.
Our training will strengthen you both physically and mentally and develop concentration and co-ordination.
Learning the art of karate has many benefits and is a positive addition to a balanced education.