Paul Tsangaris


Godan (5th)
JKA Qualifications:
Instructor: D
Examiner: D
Judge: D

My karate life began in 1981 when my father announced one morning “tomorrow you start karate”. Being a typical young Greek boy I didn’t have much choice in the matter, especially since the father was manager of a newly formed karate club in Hobart, the SKI Greek Hellenic Shotokan Karate Club. The new club was run by the late Sensei Steve Xepapas under the supervision of the late Sensei Frank Nowak as chief instructor. It is to Sensei Steve that I truly owe the adventure karate has brought to my life and as I look back today, I realise that it taught me so many invaluable attributes that I call upon every day, self-discipline and self-confidence, social skills, learning to achieve goals through hard and consistent training, and most importantly, a sense of respect for others.

I spent many happy years in the Hobart Dojo, a period when I graded Sandan and was able to compete in tournaments all over Australia. When I moved to London from Hobart, a relocation that actually lasted nearly a decade, I had the fortunate pleasure to train with Angelo Sanna Sensei, the late Enoeda Sensei and also Ohta Sensei, in addition to the many Japanese instructors who frequently visited the shores of the UK during that period. I include in this esteemed list Senseis Mori, Tanaka, Osaka and Imura. Throughout this London sojourn I was fortunate enough to compete in tournaments in the UK and Europe, and was graded Yondan by Senseis Osaka and Tanaka Sensei under the watchful eye of Sanna Sensei.

On my return to Australia in 2006, I commenced training under the guidance of Keith Geyer Sensei, an internationally respected Karate ka, as well as the now legendary Stan Schmidt Sensei. Under the guidance of Keith Sensei, I graded Godan, and represented his dojo at both a national and international level over the time that I have trained with him.

As I look back on a very full and satisfying karate life to date, I realise that the basic principles instilled in me as a young karateka have brought me to where I am today and also made me a part of an extended world-wide family. Long may it continue!

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