Mark Smith


Godan (5th)

JKA Qualifications:
Instructor: D
Examiner: D
Judge: D

When Mark Smith’s mum noticed her son watching “Monkey Magic” at the age of ten she recognised his liking for martial arts and took him to his first karate class. This was back in 1983, and in 1994, after a three year interruption to his training while in the airforce as an aircraft maintenance engineer, Mark was graded Shodan.

Mark has competed at a national level in the AKF (All styles) tournament, been an assistant coach for the NSW AKF team and represented Australia internationally in the JKA. His work in the aviation oil industry also allowed him to travel extensively overseas and provided a wonderful opportunity to train with Senseis in England, USA, France, Thailand, Japan, Israel, Andorra, UAE (Dubai), and Singapore, to name a few.

A committed karateka who is often heard to say that “after family, karate is my passion in life” Mark was graded Godan by Sensei Keith and Sensei Stan In 2012. His training mantra is “since evolution is constant, Karate and the Karate-ka must change, but make sure to have fun while you strive to be the best!”

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