Lutie van den Berg

Lutie van den Berg

Nanadan (7th)
JKA Qualifications:
Instructor: A
Examiner: B
Judge: A

Lutie van den Berg has been practicing Karate for the past 45 years . Lutie’s Shotokan Karate journey has really taken off when his family relocated to Johannesburg where he started training under Johan Roets Sensei . He joined the Early Birds Instructors Class at the age of 18 where he trained under the expert guidance of Stan Schmidt, Keith Geyer and the late Derick Geyer Senseis . Stan Sensei played a major role in shaping not only Lutie as a Karateka , but also as a person. Keith Sensei has always inspired Lutie through honest , hard , intelligent and diligent training . It was Stan and Keith Senseis’ regular visits to Japan that resulted in innovative training and tuition in the South African Early Birds instructors Class . Training and sparring on a daily basis with the likes of Keith and Derick Senseis and Lutie’s peers, Pavlo Protopappa and Johan la Grange was to say the least a gruelling experience . Lutie believes these encounters as well as his visits to Japan ,training with Komazawa and Aoyama University students and at Naka Senseis dojos has greatly contributed to his development as a karate ka.

Lutie feels honoured to have been and currently still be mentored by Stan Schmidt and Keith Geyer Senseis who are highly regarded Western Practitioners of Shotokan Karate.
Regular visits by Masahiko Tanaka Sensei also played a great role in Lutie’s understanding and appreciation of the art of Shotokan Karate.

Lutie’s firm belief that one can achieve whatever one sets ones mind on and his drive to bring out the best in each of his students has helped to mould his students into excellent karateka who have excelled at both national and international level.

Lutie’s lifelong dedication to the art of Shotokan karate has culminated in Lutie being graded to the senior rank of 7 th dan in July 2011.
Lutie continues to strive to developing himself and his students through diligent daily training in the art of karate.

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